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Shipping preferences

After this initial meeting to customize a service suite, you will create an account to integrate your shopping cart software or marketplace platform with our fulfillment system. Next, you will choose your packaging, of which there is a huge variety of boxes, materials, and custom packing options. Finally, you can design your shipping materials to align with your branding. With that, you’re ready to start receiving and fulfilling orders.


Transparent functionality and support

When you work with RT Fulfillment, you will have access to complete onboarding services and training. A dedicated team member will walk you through our software offerings so you can properly utilize it to your advantage. They will explain the most significant features and custom elements for your business to get you started, and will always be available for ongoing assistance when any questions arise!

Not just another client

Every seller we work with is treated as a unique individual with specific business needs. We understand that your company is a reflection of your vision and personal values, and everything we do is designed to respect that fact. Becoming an RT Fulfillment partner begins with a conversation with one of our sales consultants, who are deeply knowledgeable about our suite of fulfillment services. You will have the chance to explain your company’s specific needs, and they will suggest a customized service program to achieve your order fulfillment goals.

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