Amazon FBA preparation services


When it comes to accessing new customers and generating sales from around the world, there is no better place than Amazon. That’s why, when Amazon announced its Fulfillment by Amazon program, which offered free shipping and other benefits, many eCommerce vendors were thrilled to get involved. However, FBA can be frustrating and complicated for sellers. FBA standards are intense, particularly for someone new to eCommerce, and if those standards aren’t met, sellers may suffer penalty fees and outright rejection of their inventory.

After years as a leading logistics provider around the globe, we’ve learned every nuance and potential obstacle in the eCommerce realm. Our Amazon Order Prep services is designed to help our merchants maintain good standing with one of the world’s largest marketplaces, and ensure that every package holds up to Amazon standards. When RT Fulfillment handles your inventory, you can trust that we will rapidly fulfill any Amazon orders to exact specifications. Our service fees are flexible, affordable and never flat-rate, so you only pay for the orders you receive.

You can avoid all that stress and worry if RT Fulfillment is managing your Amazon orders. Thanks to our years of experience working with FBA, we can expertly meet all of Amazon’s stringent regulations, then send the items off to Amazon’s nearest fulfillment center.

With RT Fulfillment as your operational agent for shipping, packing, inventory and logistics support in the US, you will never have to worry about your valuable position in Amazon’s marketplace.

In terms of FBA packaging requirements, the regulations are strict, leading many retailers and companies to repeatedly make mistakes. Our dedicated fulfillment teams are well-versed in Amazon requirements and our clients have transparent access to every step of the process. Out software allows you to track order dimensions, size and weight, as well as your real-time inventory levels, while our shipping agents can consolidate inventory to reduce overall shipping costs. The FBA is a puzzle we solved a long time ago, so whether you need help properly labeling items or packaging returns to Amazon standards, we will always have your shipments prepped and ready.

Amazon FBA order prep services:

Photo inspections
Damage reports
Quality checks
Set organization
Box and bag packaging
Fragile item handling
Expiration date checks
Proper labeling

Proper labeling for FBA guidelines

When it comes to labels for Amazon shipments, you download the labels and our shipping agents will print them. A specific sticker is required for every shipped item, so you can rely on us to create the labels and attach them to each delivery.

Product transfers

Any product being stored at an RT Fulfillment center can easily be transferred to a nearby FBA center. We will prepare, label, and package your items for the FBA, and you can actively track individual product movements and manage inventory levels from anywhere.

FBA prep partner services

If you want to eliminate the cost, time and logistical stress of shipping products to distant FBA centers, our fulfillment centers across the country can prepare your products according to Amazon regulations, then ship them to an FBA center as soon as they’re ordered.

Eliminate the middleman


Cross-docking is a shipping strategy that reduces the need for long-term warehouse storage for your inventory. Instead, you can simply have your products sent straight to an RT Fulfillment shipping agent. They will re-label the items, inspect them for any damage, and then send them out to customers with minimal turnaround time. Our agents can also consolidate items for customers to reduce shipping costs, or divide larger bulk deliveries into shipments for different destinations. This service not only cuts down on your storage overhead, but also provides access to the shipping discounts offered by our long-time partners.

Amazon compliance support

If you fail to follow FBA guidelines, the consequences can be unpleasant as an online seller. Amazon can refuse to take additional inventory, destroy the improper products, or slap penalty fees on your account. When you work with RT Fulfillment, we FBA prep every product before they leave our doors. We know precisely what it takes to stay in Amazon’s good graces, providing you with a stress-free guarantee. You have more important things to worry about than repackaging to exacting standards or ensuring that every label is correct. Let us take care of the FBA details.

No matter the package,
we can handle it

We pride ourselves on being flexible with our customer’s unique requirements, unlike so many other fulfillment companies. Whether you need to separate bulk deliveries, consolidate multiple shipments, or just deliver a bulky package, we ensure that your items arrive safely and in excellent condition every time. For unusually shaped and sized items, our agents can locate custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. Our success is driven by clear communication: tell us what you require, and we’ll make it happen.

Amazon FBA order prep services:

Some online retailers question whether they really need a service to prep products for FBA requirements. For many companies, saving the time and stress of packaging their own products makes a prep service essential. However, if you regularly experience any of the following, partnering with an FBA Prep Service may be worth it:


Amazon requirements waste time

You don’t want to waste your employees’ valuable time and your own valuable resources on meeting Amazon’s strict requirements. Spend that time and energy on sales and marketing, while we handle things behind the scenes.


Regular product rejections from Amazon

At the beginning of any business venture, keeping costs in check is very important. Using drop shipping means paying for products as you need them, rather than upfront costs that could become losses if a product doesn’t sell. You can simply focus on sales; leave the logistics and details to someone else.


Staying on top of rule changes is a challenge

Not only are Amazon’s guidelines strict, but they also change frequently, so keeping up to date is difficult! When Amazon updates its regulations, that information isn’t always passed along accurately or efficiently. Given all the different rules for various product categories, it is far easier (and wiser) to put this task in the hands of trained FBA consultants and shipping agents.

How are we different?


We weren’t the first fulfillment support company, but we’ve made the industrial process into an art form. Our cutting-edge, cloud-based technology has elevated our fulfillment game to the next level.

We didn’t start RT Fulfillment to mimic other service providers; we wanted to innovate the sector entirely. Our application suite features automated mapping and bundling, API integration, SKU mapping and so much more. Our platform allows for anytime access to alter your inventory or supply line, so your fulfillment flow is never disrupted.