Virtual address


One of the best things about partnering with RT Fulfillment is the provision of a virtual address in US or Canada. This free address is ideal for shopping at online retailers in the states, as it saves huge amounts on overseas shipping costs. You can use it for packages, as well as magazines and standard mail delivery.

Many retailers in the US refuse to ship internationally, which prevents overseas shoppers from enjoying excellent deals on popular websites. However, with your free US address, you can shop online at major American retailers without worrying about staggering shipping costs. Even if you purchase from multiple retailers, our shipping agents can consolidate and ship all your items together.


RT Fulfillment agents can set up payment options that don’t require a US billing address — or even do the shopping for you!

Benefits of using
an American address


Cut shipping costs

Shop for desired items from US retailers, without paying a fortune in shipping costs

Consolidate purchases from multiple retailers to eliminate redundant fees

Track all purchases and be updated with inspection photos before they ship

Benefit from the cheapest international rates from our established shipping partners

Potential tax-free shopping in certain states, depending on US address

Zero set-up cost and no need for an American credit card

How it works



Register your address at no cost, with no obligation.



Shop at all your favorite online stores and input your new US or Canadian address when checking out.



A member of our shipping agent network will receive your purchased products, inspect them for damage, and take pictures. These photos will be added to our cloud-based client portal for your perusal and approval. If additional purchases are incoming, we can store your purchased items until we can consolidate them into a larger shipment (up to three months).



After approving the items, you will decide on the shipping carrier. The shipping agent will begin the shipping process immediately.
If you require express shipping, we can expedite the process for a small fee.


Premium service

You can also sign up for our premium service offerings, including free consolidation, custom packaging for oversized/fragile items, and more comprehensive inspections.

Save money at your favorite US stores


We challenge you to find fulfillment companies with lower shipping rates; our competitors don’t come close to the savings we offer. Consolidating multiple packages (over the course of weeks or months), can save you a small fortune in shipping costs.

By working with trusted international carriers, you will also have access to reduced member rates and other discounts. If you have a US address in Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware, Oregon or Nevada, you will also be able to avoid sales tax!

For that reason, we have developed a Personal Shopper service to eliminate your stress and worry.

Everyone knows that shopping at online US retailers when you live abroad can be an expensive hassle. Some American banks will refuse your payment methods, and the process of filing customs paperwork is exhausting.

All you need to do is surf online, pick the products you want, send us the URLs of the items, and we’ll handle the rest. The last step is depositing the necessary funds into your secure RT Fulfillment account. Once we verify that the items are still available, we will handle the actual purchasing process.

With this service, you can entirely avoid the complexities of international purchasing and shipping. After your desired items land at our shipping center, you will be notified and allowed to approve the purchased items via real-time inspection photos. After receiving your confirmation, we’ll ship the items right to your doorstep.

Tracking, updates and more

Using the customer service portal provides anytime access to product status updates, or you can opt-in for real-time SMS and email updates.

Before any package leaves the country, you will have final approval based on inspection photos and order specifications.

Our dedicated customer service agents are available 24/7 to handle questions or issues that may arise.


Mail forwarding

Classical mail forwarding service.

$5 per package

Consolidate to Save for

When you consolidate your purchases, you save even more on shipping costs, up to 80% off standard rates!

$7 per package

Special Requests

Shipping fragile items overseas can be stressful! If you have a specific concern, from package integrity to declaration forms, our agents will help make sure it’s all taken care of.

on request

Customs Declaration

Let us handle the paperwork! This can be used for either individual packages or bulk shipping.


Premium Processing

If you have to have that item right away, get first priority with our premium expedited processing.


More Photos Please

All packages come with three condition photos free, but if you would like more photos from different angles, our agents can take care of that for a small additional fee.


Extra Care

Want extra wrapping or tape for an item? Extra care means our agents will make sure your item gets to you in one piece with extra bubble wrap or whatever it calls for.


Shipping Insurance

Purchasing items and shipping them overseas can be risky no matter what. We recommend purchasing shipping insurance for the full value of your item while it is being delivered to you.

on request


Despite their convenience, many US retailers will not make PO box deliveries, which is why our network of shipping agents uses only verified US addresses.

The final cost of your item is dependent on various factors: weight, shipping location, carrier choice, overall size, etc. Our shipping calculator simplifies the math and helps you easily estimate a total cost.

Our customers are updated in real time throughout this process. The RT Fulfillment customer portal gives transparent access to all package information and shipping progress.

To further the shipping process, customers need to log on to the customer service portal in order to review the inspection photos of your purchase. After approving the quality and choosing a carrier, the customs paperwork must be completed. Following that, our shipping agent will get your package on its way to your door.

Yes, there are certain items that we cannot ship for our clients. You can review a complete list of these items on our website before placing a shipping request.

The returns process is simplified with RT Fulfillment, but watching our Returns Tutorial on the client portal will clarify any remaining questions in detail.

We are able to manage purchases under multiple names, but in order to ensure account security, the additional personal info must be entered in your account.

There is no sales tax for online purchases in Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Delaware and Oregon, but you would need a registered address in those states to take advantage of that tax break. In all other cases, sales tax will be added to your final total, calculated based on the state in your address.

Yes. We apply a $5 processing fee per package received. Before making a purchase, ask the online retailer if consolidated packaging and shipping is an option.

Your insurance requirements will be dependent on your chosen carrier. When shipping packages overseas, customers will often choose a carrier based on insurance availability. The two general types of carrier insurance are:
Delivery Insurance is based on the declared value of the items. This insurance package will cover up to the specified cost if the item is lost in transit.
Delivery and Damage Insurance covers your purchased item up to the specified cost if it is lost or damaged in transit.