Proper handling of returns


Selling on Amazon, Ebay and other platforms grants you access to one of the largest markets on the planet: American consumers. Unfortunately, international vendors often struggle with the returns process.
As an Amazon seller, you are required to have a US address where customers can send their returns, or you have to shoulder the cost of your customer’s international shipping.

Returns can be much simpler if you work with an experience logistics team that understands all the nuances of fulfillment. With RT Fulfillment functioning as a local agent, simply send us your products. We will process the item and ship it to the Amazon FBA center or your customer’s door. It is a simple, fast and reliable solution to a perennial problem.

Remember, we give our clients complete control over the returns and disposition process, as well as their involvement with aftermarket channels.

Over time, your business will expand, and your returns process will shift, but that may not be your situation right now! As a new business, Amazon’s FBA is a reliable tool that will simplify your life and boost customer satisfaction. RT Fulfillment can provide you with a virtual US address your customers can use for any returns, thus meeting Amazon standards and expediting inventory retrieval. That virtual address will be from one of our shipping agents, who will then manage the returns process—inspecting, taking pictures, repackaging, printing shipping labels, etc.

That said, our fulfillment teams are stacked with logistics professionals who will happily offer support and guidance as you navigate the returns process.

The process of returns

When you become a partner of RT Fulfillment, our software not only keeps you updated on any fluctuations in your inventory, but also gives greater insight to your own business operations. On our client portal, you can track the status and location of every return throughout its journey, allowing you to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Our return process generally looks like this:


A customer sends a returned item to an RT Fulfillment shipping agent in the US. The agent will inspect and photograph the item, then allow you to determine whether it should be restocked for sale or disposed of. Rather than disposing of all returns, this assessment step reduces waste, lowers costs, and maintains your available inventory.

If you determine that a returned item should be disposed of, it will be recycled within 48 hours, ensuring that there are no unauthorized products outside your inventory control.


If you determine that a returned item should be disposed of, it will be recycled within 48 hours, ensuring that there are no unauthorized products outside your inventory control.


From shipping labels to tracking numbers, our customer service agents provide every necessary part of the returns process for your customers.


We will inform your customers about any automatic updates, refunds, or product replacements.


By receiving a photographic assessment and grade from the shipping agent, our clients retain control over their inventory and quality standards, rather than relying on the discretion of the shipping agent.

Significance of return inspections

Amazon FBA is widely preferred by eCommerce vendors because of its speed and convenience, but if a return item is labeled with “customer damage”, it is readily disposed of. Unfortunately, many of those items are entirely usable and sellable, and this is why so many clients prefer RT Fulfillment. Our shipping agents closely inspect and photograph the item, inform you of any damage or malfunction, and then allow you to decide whether to discard the item or restock it for sale.

Benefits of our returns
management service:

Real-time photo inspections and assessments to determine the restock value of each return.

Reduction in “wrong item” returns through clear labeling and efficient fulfillment strategies.

Faster inventory restock times and increased ROI.

Returned items can be stored and packaged in bulk to reduce shipping costs.

Use of your own US address to observe FBA guidelines.

However, providing an address is only the beginning when it comes to RT Fulfillment support for Amazon retailers:

Acquiring a local US address may sound difficult, but it’s actually quite simple! When you sign up with RT Fulfillment, you will be given your own US address to more effectively manage returns and adhere to FBA guidelines.

  • Processing of returns
  • Logistical oversight
  • Amazon FBA function support: returns, labeling, reverse logistics, consolidation, load building and cross-docking.
  • Inventory storage
  • Photo inspections / Damage reporting
  • Item refurbishment
  • Returns consolidation and re-packaging