Order fulfillment


RT Fulfillment functions as a fulfillment provider for a wide range of eCommerce businesses, utilizing 3PL party logistics to receive bulk good from wholesale providers, process customer orders, secure the ordered inventory, and then package and complete delivery to customers.

Our clients can also integrate their own e-stores’ orders with our software, enabling easy communication and fulfillment for customers. Our suite of services supports a variety of eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Walmart and more.

RT Fulfillment manages a shipping agent network across the United States, allowing our clients to divide their inventories across the country, simplifying and streamlining product acquisition and movement without any cost overreach.

By empowering clients to store their inventory near potential buyers, we lower costs and allow small companies to offer competitive shipping times of only 2 days.

Our software is driven by algorithms to calculate the optimal carrier and shipping agent for each customer, ensuring rapid delivery and the lowest possible price.

For many of our clients, this has resulted in savings of 50% on their fulfillment budget.

After shipping a customer’s order, our clients have full access to the tracking process. Additionally, if any part of an order needs to be returned, RT Fulfillment offers services to generate shipping labels, as well as tracking and inspection services for all returned items. All returns are processed accurately and rapidly, with a return-to-inventory rate of over 80%, so those unused products can be resold.


Unlike other fulfillment providers, our logistics software suite is 100% free for our clients.


As a partner with RT Fulfillment, your management dashboard allows you to oversee your entire inventory, track shipments, monitor order status and so much more. This comprehensive portal ensures smooth and nearly effortless fulfillment from your virtual store to your customer’s front door.

The process is simple:

Step 01

Integrate your store with our fulfillment platform, granting us access to your supplier’s products. Our logistics operations are all handled in US locations.

Step 02

We oversee and manage your store’s inventory in real time.

Step 03

Your buyers place orders on your integrated online store.

Step 04

Our team quickly secures, packages and ships each order to your US-based customers.

RT Fulfillment SOP


The complex world of fulfillment can seem daunting, particularly for small companies as they grow, but we simplify the process as much as possible.
We walk all of our clients through the steps so they understand how effectively their business will be handled. This leaves our clients free to focus on the marketing and sales aspects of the business, while we handle the rest.

After importing the orders automatically, the items can be picked, packaged and shipped without any additional steps or slowdowns. The entire process is easily scalable and flexible to suit your specific business needs. This way, our clients can count on exceptional service and results, even during a time of transition or growth.

Our operational procedure

generally looks like this:

Your company produces, imports, or secures products in the US or Canada.

Alternatively, you can ship your products directly from your suppliers to RT Fulfillment. We can take over the shipping process from that point, passing low shipping rate savings on to you.

Our SaaS platform can be easily integrated with your online store thanks to our API.

Your products are received by our shipping agents, who prepare and inspect items before shipping.

All orders are packaged according to our customized protocol and specific platform standards.

Our fulfillment software calculates the most efficient and cost-effective shipping method.

Your customers are notified of the shipment and given tracking information.

Your customers receive their orders in a timely manner.

If a return is necessary, RT Fulfillment will entirely manage this process.

Clients update and manage their inventory on the client portal.

RT Fulfillment helps our clients optimize budgets and save time, while your customers receive fast and reliable service.

Flexible and affordable shipping

Before shipping your customers’ order to their door, our clients can choose from a wide range of trusted carrier options. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose based on delivery speed or overall cost. You make the decisions that affect your business, backed by RT Fulfillment’s extensive network of shipping agents and strong relationships with international carriers.

Unusual requests

At times, unique situations arise for your business when your standard procedures may need to temporarily shift. RT Fulfillment can help in these seasons, whether that is preparing an expanded inventory, repackaging unique orders, managing a large concentration of returns, or any other unexpected scenario. Our shipping agents are always ready to put their skills to use and be flexible in their duties, regardless of the project.

Pay as you go

With RT Fulfillment, you will only pay for the services you use. We understand the seasonality of eCommerce, so if you have a few slow months with only a handful of shipped items, you will only pay the picking and packing price for those items. On the other end of things, we can scale rapidly 
to manage bursts of order activity; whether it’s one or ten thousand orders, we have the resources and professionals to handle it.

Reliable and speedy shipping options


Here at RT Fulfillment, we offer an extensive range of shipping options through our algorithm-driven software, which rates each order and optimizes its shipping journey to ultimately save you time and money.

Same-day handling

If your product is received by our shipping agent prior to the daily cutoff time, we guarantee that it will be packaged and shipped that day.

Carrier choice and order optimization

We offer a variety of carrier solutions to match your standards of service, allowing you to control your costs and optimize customer outcomes.

Global reach

We facilitate international transactions for our clients thanks to our global supply chain and unique fulfillment strategy.

Expedited ground deliveries

Our broad network of shipping agents allows RT Fulfillment to offer 2-day ground shipments for all customers seeking that level of delivery service.